The Same Boring Post

I feel like a broken record here with essentially the same post about five times in a row. The past week or so feels like I have been spinning my wheels a bit with my production as well as my posts. It may not look like much has changed but it has and I am on a good foundation now.

My biggest accomplishment and surprise lies in the B-26. I finally sat down and gave it the time that it deserved. To my thankful amazement, sanding went extremely well. I’ll give it a second go this afternoon and hopefully get that wrapped up. I would like to get the wings attached today but I won’t push it too far. 

 The Voodoo and Bronco are doing very good as well.The canopies have been installed and shot with flat black. The Voodoo will get paint started here in a little bit. I have to catch up to the Skyraider so I can paint them together. The Bronco will probably wait until tomorrow to get paint started. 

The Skyraider and Skywarrior remain dormant. I touched some areas up on the Skywarrior and installed the canopy last night. I need to do a tiny amount of sanding before I can get some more paint applied. The MiG-29 has crossed the line into paint now and just needs the underside masked off before I can begin on the upper surfaces. While I’m not as far as I had originally hoped I would be, I am satisfied with my progress. It’s coming down to the wire to see if these six builds make it on the list for 2015. I am on vacation the week after Christmas so I think I can pick up the pace if I happen to be in a jam. I think I’ll be okay. 


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