Let the Sanding Begin

Yesterday was a perfect way to get the weekend going. All cockpits were installed and aside from the B-26, all fuselages were  wedded together. Needless to say, I’m very happy with Saturday’s results. 

This afternoon will be an endless grind of sanding and filling. The MiG-29 looks to be the best out of them all and should sand up well. The Skyraider and Voodoo don’t look too bad either. The Skywarrior has a few areas of concern but nothing I haven’t faced before. The Bronco looks decent and should sand up nicely. All in all a good group of builds so far. 

 The B-26 will be my main focus today. I need to install the glass and more importantly, the ballast. I’m thinking there will be plenty of room behind the cockpit to add a lot of lead weights. I should say I’m hoping that there will be enough room. Coming off the B-24 build, I know that there needs to be an overage of weight added so I will put it wherever will be hidden. After all that, I should be able to put the fuselage halves together and start sanding the seams. 

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