The Holidays Are Officially Here

Construction has been slower than I’d like it to be but the holiday season is roaring in full force. I’ll use that as my excuse for now. Today should turn out to be a solid work day so I’m not too concerned. 

From the looks of things, these six builds should be my last of the year. As it turns out, my count was incorrect and the B-24 was my fifty-first build of the year making the F-86 the fifty-second. When I add them all up, I go through the gallery on my side bar. The Saetta that I built months ago mistakenly wasn’t added, causing my count to be off. It’s not such a bad problem to have but I just like to be accurate.

Onto the build front, I’m not where I hoped to be but I am in a good position. All cockpits are basically finished. I need to add a little detail to them but can certainly be installed today. Other items on the agenda today are the external fuel tanks and engine nacelles. I have still been unabable to complete this task and I will finally tackle it today. I will let them dry and get them sanded this afternoon. The fuselage halves on all builds should get assembled today putting me in a great spot for another sanding parade. 


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