The First Dilemma 

Generally speaking, all is well at the workbench. I have been able to advance with the cockpits and they are ready for their various details. Today will be a decal and fine detail day. The engine nacelles and external fuel tanks haven’t been assembled like I had originally planned on so that will be another point of interest today. 

 The dilemma that has been stated comes with the carrier deck section. It may not even be an issue as I need to research this a little more. As you can see in the picture, the Skywarrior will sit too far back with the current setup, blocking the blast shield. My only hope is that the aircraft catapult has different positions for the various airframes being launched. If so, then I can move the Skywarrior up a little and problem solved. If not, I’ll ditch the carrier deck build and save it for something that will fit correctly. So for now it’s at a standstill until I can figure out the positioning of the Skywarrior. 


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