Ready, Set, Go

This afternoon was basically a meet and greet with the new builds getting them set up on the workboards and beginning preliminary painting. I may try to get a little further on the cockpits tonight but we’ll see.  What I will definitely get to tonight is the assembly of all the engine nacelles and external fuel tanks. They might even get sanded tonight. It’s just basics for a few days which is fine by me. I will take my time and address the cockpits, landing gear, and ordinance at first.  I like to get all of the small areas finished before I start on the fuselage. 

 So I have kind of added a seventh build into the mix if you want to call it that. I have been looking for a reason to build Italeri’s 1/72 Carrier Deck and the Skywarrior is that reason. I was thinking of doing an F-18 or F-14 at first but when I grabbed the Skywarrior, it clicked. There are more “kits” to come along with it that I need to dig out. I will need to grab Fujimi’s Flight Deck Crew kits for personnel and maybe a fire truck. This will end up being an extensively detail oriented build. There will be a lot of parts to keep track of which doesn’t sit well with me after my most recent ordeal but this could be my learning experience. I have containers at the ready to accept all the small parts. I will try to break the flight deck open tomorrow and get started. Once again, there is quite a bit to keep me busy this month. 


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