The Final Two

Life goes on at the Amateur Airplanes workbench now that three of the five builds are completed. Not far behind are the B-24 and F-86. With its recent hiccup, the B-24 is standing tall and awaiting the top turret to be installed. I had to sand quite a bit off of the bottom of the turret to get the correct look. I repainted the .50 caliber machine guns last night and I will finish assembling it this afternoon. Maybe even get it on the airplane tonight. The last bit of work that needs to be done is to figure out how to keep it off its tail. I’m not too sure if I can fit enough weight into the nose wheel bay to keep it grounded. I may just have to build a stand. 

The F-86 is coming along nicely. The nose has been installed and the shark mouth applied. I hit it with a coat of clear last night so I can weather it today. I need to do a little touching up in some spots around the nose and vertical stabilizer too before final assembly. It won’t be long now. 


11 thoughts on “The Final Two

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