Kawasaki Ki48-II Otsu (Lily)

The third Hasegawa kit in this group to be completed is the Ki48. German aircraft in general are my absolute favorite to build, but Japanese bombers make a good fight to be included in that spot. So to say the least, I had a great time building this kit.  

Throughout this build, I don’t recall any daunting tasks to trudge through. Painting the Ki48 was a dreaded aspect from the start with my past history with squiggle camouflage. I don’t know what changed but I’m glad it did. I love the Japanese camouflage and I believe this turned out well. The decals were another plus to the kit. They applied well and took to the plastic as expected. The white bands on the vertical stabilizer and the waist were of course painted. 

When you fork over the prices of Hasegawa kits, you expect to have an easier experience than  lesser quality kit. I have had my pigs in the past from Hasegawa but this wasn’t one of them. Well worth every penny. 


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