Victory II

Today was a slight procrastination day for me but I’m not overly concerned about it. All kits are almost officially ready for final paint after this afternoon. The majority of the work performed today was spent masking each aircraft. 

The B-24 is the biggest success with the underside getting painted. I temporarily attached the engine cowlings and continued to mask everything off to be ready for the final color of olive drab. 

 The tail flash and anti-glare panel of the F-86 were painted yesterday and masked today. I mistakenly painted the wing tips thinking that they needed it. Turns out that I was looking at the other decal option. No harm no foul. The kit is 99% ready for final paint. There are a few tiny pieces to tie up real quick and it’s good to go. 

 Like the F-86, the Ki-61 had its tail and anti-glare panel painted and masked. The goal for tomorrow is to get the final color applied. 

 The tail stripe and waist band have been masked on the Ki-48 and it now awaits the airbrush. The Mosquito has sat untouched but hopefully tomorrow brings positive results to all five builds. 


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