This morning became a significant moment at the workbench. Today was the day that the B-24’s wings were installed. To make it even better…perfect fit! It may not seem like much but I feel a great sense of accomplishment with this feat. Lately, it feels like I have been spinning my wheels with this kit. Aside from the wings, I filled the belly again for hopefully the last time. They were minor so I feel confident about it. 

 The Mosquito came out of primer with a clean bill of health. Final paint is next. The F-86, Ki-48, and Ki-61 have been primed and touched up with filler this morning. I will let them all dry and maybe get them sanded tonight. With nothing left to do on my current builds, this is the perfect time to do some research and start choosing the next set of builds. 


17 thoughts on “Victory

  1. I’ve definitely built a few like your B-24, that seem like you’re getting nowhere in hurry. But the result is looking good for now, hopefully the rest will come together better!

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