Good Distraction

This past weekend started full of ambition and high hopes of pushing past the monstrous chore of sanding and filling. It concluded with absolutely zero work even being attempted. Normally I would start my belly aching but it was actually a very fun weekend.

My in-laws took their camper down to Anderson, IN on Thursday and we decided to take the three-hour drive south to join them for the weekend. We left Friday after my kids were finished with school and took the scenic route to avoid the very unwelcome Indianapolis traffic. Along for the journey came the B-24, Ki-61, Ki-48, F-86, Mosquito, and my son’s P-40. I might as well have left them back at home because they didn’t even make it out of the car. It’s very much okay because we had a blast.

Saturday took us to Fort Harrison State Park in nearby Lawrence, IN. We took our bikes and I stayed behind with my son to teach him how to ride without his training wheels. Success! He got it after about twenty minutes. After the bike tutorial, we found a nice park that they were able to play at for a bit. The fun continued with a pony ride for the kids and a pleasant surprise for me. Across from the stables was the Museum of 20th Century Warfare. It wasn’t big by any means but it was still enjoyable to go through. The only bad thing was that I didn’t take any pictures.

We took Sunday morning slow and departed about 11:00am to Grissom Air Museum in Peru, IN. It wasn’t exactly on the way home but it wasn’t far off the route. I have been wanting to visit this museum for quite some time and I am glad that I finally took the opportunity to do so. The majority of it is outside with a nice selection of aircraft that you can get up close to. Inside offers various learning experiences. There was quite a bit to see and do. My kids had a blast crawling through the intake of an F-4 as well as sitting in the cockpit. This certainly tops the list of smaller museums. I did remember to take pictures at this detour.

So I didn’t make any progress this weekend on any of my builds. Not a big deal. Quality time with the family trumps workbench time any day. 


12 thoughts on “Good Distraction

  1. What a wonderful little museum. Is that tank track truck ( say that 3 times fast. lol) model made out of wood? Also in the outdoor photos of the sidewalk and planes it that a Blue Angels Jet? And what is up with the plane in the weeds?

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    • It was a great little museum. The truck is amazingly made from toothpicks. I found it pretty amazing so I had to take a picture. The Blue Angels aircraft is an F-11 Tiger. The T-33 in the weeds I have no clue about. It was sitting in the back of the property so I strolled over to it and took a few pictures. They have another T-33 on display so it could have been used for parts.

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  2. Always fun to hit an air museum! Your picture of the aircraft in the weeds reminded me of the airstrips at Karshi-Khanabad AB in Uzbekistan, Bagram AB in Afghanistan, and one of the little airstrips in Grenada. Even though they are in the weeds, the stories they could tell!

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