Making Headway

Being productive hasn’t necessarily been a struggle lately but I do wish that my efforts were a little bit greater. The nose of the    B-24 has become a small project in itself. I believe it’s under control after last nights sanding and priming. With that bit of  relief, I can move on to the belly of the aircraft. 

 The Ki-61 and Ki-48 are the only other kits to get worked on yesterday. I mistakenly painted the wrong interior color and had to correct that. Later, I assembled the cockpits and started the interior detail work on the Ki-48. The Ki-61’s fuselage halves are together and it’s more sanding on the docket for me. My goal today is to get the fuselage halves of the Ki-48 together and maybe the cockpits of the F-86 and Mosquito assembled. 



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