Beginning Stages

I am back at my normal pace and have officially begun my next four builds. My work on the B-24 continues as planned. The spine of the aircraft looks good and will not need any additional sanding or filling. The nose of the plane is a different story. Some extra work is necessary to move on. I filled the gaps for the third time this morning and I am hopeful that the third time is a charm.

The new builds are progressing nicely. All have passed through preliminary paint and are in some capacity of construction. The F-86 and Ki-61 are in last with very little having been achieved. I will work more on them tonight to get farther along. The Mosquito and Ki-48 are close together with their wings getting worked on as well as engine nacelles. Cockpits are my main focus for the next few days. I need to do some detail work before I can proceed to assembly. It should’t require much effort to get that done. 


10 thoughts on “Beginning Stages

  1. Yep it looks right. I missed the G+ models. Here’s what I found: The B-24J was very similar to the B-24H, but shortages of the Emerson nose turret required use of a modified, hydraulically powered Consolidated A-6 turret in most J model aircraft built at Consolidated’s San Diego and Fort Worth factories. The B-24J featured an improved autopilot (type C-1) and a bombsight of the M-1 series. B-24H sub-assemblies made by Ford and constructed by other companies and any model with a C-1 or M-1 retrofit, were all designated B-24J. The J model was the only version to be built by all five factories involved in B-24 production. (Total: 6,678) (Wikipedia)

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