Focke Wulf Fw189A-1

My second Airfix success story is the Fw189A-1. I was expecting disaster and was surprised with a smooth build. They’re not all like this so I will relish in the moment. 

As good of a build it was, it did have its own shortcomings. The canopy assembly wasn’t the greatest and the cockpit detail was very minimal. I can deal with that when given a pleasurable build. I noticed some aftermarket cockpit sets after I already was too far into it so I’ll have to give it another try in the future. 


17 thoughts on “Focke Wulf Fw189A-1

  1. Good job.
    I have always liked the FW189. Even though it looked very flimsy, it was so manoeuvrable it could just out turn nearly anything. So much glass must have been quite unnerving when someone was shooting at you though. I like how you have bombs on this one, be curious to know how often they actually dropped bombs (as opposed to just looking out the window).

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