Balancing Act

Trying to stay on track and keep the pace always becomes increasingly difficult when the weekend rolls around. Between my two kids soccer games yesterday and a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago today, I am left with little time to get a good build session in. That is quite alright because as model builders, we adapt. Actually, I am very satisfied with where each build lies. 

I spent about thirty minutes at the airbrush yesterday with the Duck, Fw 189, And U-2 builds. The U-2 is painted and I sprayed a coat of clear gloss onto the kit this morning. Decals will be applied tonight or tomorrow. The Fw 189 began initial painting with the yellow (RLM 04) waist stripes and the underside wing tips. That will all get masked off today and hopefully finish the underside with RLM 65. The Duck is hanging in with the pontoon getting painted with dark blue. I will mask it off today and it will be ready for the red. I am opting to spray the bare metal last because of the F-4 incident. I do not want any peeling so I am avoiding any masking on the silver. The B-24 took a huge step getting the fuselage halves joined this morning. The seams look pretty decent so I might have a fairly easy time of sanding and filling.

So now it’s off to Chicago to take in the museum. Hopefully I won’t be too exhausted to start up the airbrush this afternoon. 


8 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. I can’t think of a better excuse, I mean reason, for not working on your airplanes than taking the kids to the Museum. Bully for you! I find it interesting watching you build your models, and I envy your dedication to your projects. Thank you.

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