Turning the Corner 

The Fw 189 and J2F continue to amaze me. I feel like I owe Airfix an apology after these two kits. Maybe it’s still early but I’m happy with them so far. 

I finished installing the canopy on the      Fw 189 to reveal a few gaps. I’m never too keen on filling around canopies but it’s unavoidable sometimes. I gently sanded the filler and moved on to the wing assembly. The fit of the wings was pretty good. I filled one tiny gap in one of the wing roots and sanded the seams on the leading edges. I’ll sand the wing root today and get a good coat of primer on to check my work. 

The J2F has really come along quickly. The fuselage seams passed the test and it was onto the lower wing and horizontal stabilizer installation. From here, all that really needs to be done is to get the canopy masked and some sanding at the wing roots before I can move on to paint. 

The B-24 remains at a slow creep. I’m not going to fret because of the production on the other three builds. I started installing the ball turret last night. Other progress includes the vertical stabilizers being fully painted and the nose and tail turrets started on paint. Not a whole lot can move forward until I get the little things wrapped up. 

The U-2 remains untouched and semi-ready for paint. The canopy needs to be masked and installed and the airplane will be cleared. I will try to wrap that up today.  


6 thoughts on “Turning the Corner 

  1. I’m glad you haven’t been too disappointed with the two Airfix kits, but I must admit, I can still remember the arrival of the first Hasegawa kits in our town’s model shops. They were of an unprecedented standard.

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