The Kid’s a Natural 

The fact that my son is showing a prosperous interest in the hobby that I love makes me, as a father, happy to see the future generation of model builders develop. Building models isn’t such a popular hobby anymore and I get that. But he sees me doing it and thinks it’s cool. I do realize that he’ll likely move on, like I did, and find other hobbies to enjoy. That’s perfectly okay. These initial builds will certainly mean more to me than him. He’s learning the ins and outs and at a very astute pace. 

As the title suggests, he is picking this up quicker than I ever did. We last left off at the fuselage halves and wings being joined. We resumed by sanding all the seams last night. As a kid, I hated sanding the seams. I still don’t exactly care for it. He accepted the challenge without hesitation. I gave him a two sided sanding stick and a quick tutorial, then let him loose. After a few “is this good?” questions, he was done. Fuselage and wing seams conquered. There are a few gaps to fill for his next lesson tonight.  


21 thoughts on “The Kid’s a Natural 

  1. He’ll learn some great things along the way and he’s certainly learning from the best. Trying to get a daughter involved in my hobby isn’t something I’m trying to achieve, though she picks up on what I do and admires it. A typical quote from her only just tonight – “Daddy, will you come and play with me when you’ve finished spray-painting Napoleon…”

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