Happy Days

Making progress seems to be becoming a healthy staple at my workbench the past few days. I, for sure, welcome the idea with open arms.

So why the sudden improvement? It’s the Airfix kits. The kits that I endlessly complain about but yet always go back to are making me look silly. The Fw 189 and Duck are both harsh looking kits but I have discovered some workable balance within them and they’re moving along nicely.


With those going well and keeping my good mood at bay, its transferring over to the B-24 and U-2 builds. The B-24 is slowly advancing. I attached the port side nose to the cockpit and fuselage last night. The vertical stabilizers have begun paint and should be ready for decals in a few days. I have a few more little odds and ends to prepare before I can finally wed the fuselage halves.

The U-2 is just moments away from paint. There is a seam on one of the air intakes that needs tended to and a few details to accomplish with the cockpit and it’ll be set.


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