Steady Flying

It’s back to the coal mine for me now that the Sea Fury and F-4 are complete. The past few days have been very kind with fruitful results. All four kits are progressing at a very satisfying pace.

The U-2 has taken the lead and is very close to being ready for paint. I attached the wings yesterday to reveal good size gaps at the roots. I filled them today and they’ll get sanded tomorrow. It should be a quick sanding and off to be primed. 

 The B-24 is cruising along great. The interior is almost complete with just a few little areas to address. The windows were the main accomplishment this afternoon. I installed them yesterday and finished them up today. I used some Future on the inside to clean and shine them up. After that dried, I applied a strip of clear packing tape over the inside of the windows, then proceeded to mask the outside. Tomorrow will be spent shoring up as much of the interior as possible. I need to find a suitable spot for the ballast to go. I’m thinking right under the cockpit will be best. Other areas of attention will be the four engine cowlings, all the remaining clear parts, and the vertical stabilizers. 

 The Duck is sitting pretty good with the fuselage halves getting assembled today. Unfortunately, the fit is typical Airfix. Very crude and worrisome. My work is definitely cut out for me but I will suck it up and begin sanding tomorrow. 

 The Fw 189 is fairing better than the Duck but my guard is still up. The clear parts are being assembled one piece at a time with lots of fine tuning. There will be some touching up to do once they all get attached. The rest of the build is waiting on the main fuselage to be completed. Airfix has a way of making me pay dearly so I won’t get in a hurry here. 


6 thoughts on “Steady Flying

  1. Airfix? Crude and worrisome?? State of the Art in England in 1960! The only competitors then were Frog who are now long gone, as far as I know. In the late 1960s, Frog were bought up by the Soviets who rebranded them as Novo. That was really interesting because they re-issued ancient Frog kits which I had never seen before, such as the Westland Wyvern, the Fairey Barracuda and lots and lots of Fleet Air Arm aircraft. The workmanship of Novo made Airfix look like NASA!

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  2. I believe Airfix (Hornby etc) went into receivership a couple of years ago only to be bought out by someone. As a result I think new moulds have been used in a number of kits and every now and again a new one is released. Some of the old ones are dire but we over here loved them and grew up on them!

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