Keeping the Momentum

The momentum is working quite effectively  in my favor and I am in no hurry to let it slip away. Both the Sea Fury and F-4 moved a mighty step forward with their decals being  applied yesterday. I put a good coat of clear matte on early this morning so I can get them weathered tonight. One step at a time and they will be done in a matter of days.

Added to the joy of my production on the Sea Fury and F-4, the new set reaped benefits from my new found groove. The B-24 furthered it’s interior assembly with half of the nose wheel bay being installed. I have been doing one piece at a time and using the other half of the fuselage to get the alignment correct. The cockpit was also worked on a little bit today as well. There is some needed weathering to be done but that shouldn’t be too much to achieve .

The U-2 and Fw 189 are leading the way with their cockpits completed and the fuselage halves joined. The U-2 will more than likely pull away and lead the pack with it’s simple construction. I will add the two fuselages to the yet to be started sanding project.

The Duck is coming along nicely with the cockpit built and installed. I need to do a few more little tasks before I can wed the fuselage halves. I don’t forsee any hinderances as of yet but this is an Airfix kit. I’m always guarded when I am building Airfix. So far so good. 


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