And the Winners Are…

I have to admit that I am a little shocked in a good way to see the results of my latest poll. You picked them and I am eager to begin. So without further ado, I present your winners. 

When I chose the kits to include in the poll, I wanted to feature a little bit of everything. Academy’s U-2 was my dark horse pick that I really wasn’t sure if it would do well. With twelve percent of the voting, the U-2 comes in at third. This will be a pretty basic build. There isn’t much to the kit but anything Skunk Works will look good. 

Our number two choice, with fourteen percent of the vote, is Airfix’s J2F Duck. I wasn’t too sure about this airplane either but I quickly saw the adoration for it. I’m not too sure what direction I’ll go in terms of scheme. There will need to be some research to see what my options will be. 

Also from Airfix, your number one pick is the Fw 189. Fifteen percent of you chose it. This is the only one that I thought was a lock to win. It’s German so I’m excited to get going on it. 

Along with the B-24J, these three will be a nice set to build. I’m a little nervous to have two Airfix kits in there but they don’t look awful by any means. I’ll start clipping parts and begin preliminary painting in the next few days. The Sea Fury and F-4 are my main priority so it all depends on my progress with them. 


8 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…

  1. Good luck with the FW189 the moulds are over 50 years old and, unfortunately I remember it for all the wrong reasons from building it in the 70’s. The Duck is of the same vintage but I have no knowledge of that particular kit.

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