With the poll going great, the worbench has been busy preparing to welcome the winners. First things first though. The current builds need to be finished before I can start thinking about entering a new set. Today kind of mirrored the last few days with more filling and sanding but with more progress. 

I will start off with the Me-262. As you can see, it has made the biggest gain with the wings and engines getting affixed. There was one tiny gap to fill after I primed the airplane. The wing roots and engine nacelles passed inspection so this should move on to final paint soon. I will work on the gap and horizontal stabilizers tomorrow afternoon.

The Su-27 is a close second after today. The air intakes and ordinance were the main accomplishment of the day. I need to sand the seams just behind the wings before I can attach the horizontal stabilizers. I filled the gaps today and tomorrow will see it get taken care of. As for the rest of the builds, the sanding and filling is almost complete. The encouraging part is that they went from having big gaps to small gaps. They were all primed last night to reveal tiny gaps here and there. I put one last bit of filler on and that should do it. Tomorrow should be another busy day of sanding and priming. I will also try to get the little aspects wrapped up as well. 

If you haven’t voted for my next builds, I encourage you to put your picks in.

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