The Dirty Work

Finding my flow has been difficult as of late and I am happy to say that the clouds parted to make way for sunshine on the workbench. All six kits received some time devoted to them today. The F-4 being my main progression of them all. The cockpit is complete and waiting on the fuselage seams to be sanded before I install it. There was a little bit of filler needed in front of the windscreen that I will get sanded tomorrow. The rest of the airplane was sanded and primed this afternoon. The wings and air intakes will be my focus for tomorrow.

The Sea Fury kind of disappointed me for being a Trumpeter kit. Maybe the cockpit shifted during the fuselage assembly but there are gaps all along the seams. I filled them and they’ll get sanded with the F-4. The wings are another sanding project that I will need to tackle soon.

The Me-262, E-377, Ar-234, and Su-27 were all sanded and primed today as well. The engine nacelles for the Me-262 and E-377 were in that mix too. Lots of sanding performed today. We’ll see what the primer shows. I think I will need a little filler here and there but nothing serious. it feels great to have this step well underway. 


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