A-10A Thunderbolt II 

The third installment of the Warthog Project is the A-10A from the 103rd Fighter Squadron’s 80th anniversary. Building this kit provided a nice challenge in painting the lightning bolt instead of using the provided decals. I did end up having a few issues that needed to be fine-tuned but it worked out for the most part. Another mishap of my own doing was the darker gray color. I used up the remaining color on the A-10C build and had to mix my own color for this one. The new color looked dead on in the bottle but came out darker than I had intended. It’s a minor error that I really don’t think affects the build much. In my opinion, it came out pretty decent. 

Aside from the anniversary markings, this was a normal A-10 kit. To be honest, I bought this kit never intending on building this version. The scheme was not a favorite of mine but eventually it grew on me and I had to attempt it.  The kit itself had the same minor problems as the rest along with the same benefits as well. With three down, I still haven’t tired from building this great plane. 


13 thoughts on “A-10A Thunderbolt II 

  1. Back in the early 1980s I was stationed at Ft. Lewis in Field Artillery. The A-10 pilots from McChord would come out to our huge impact area and practice on our ground targets. I watched one come swooping in and roll, flipping a practice bomb up and over onto an ancient vehicle — direct hit with that powder can visible from quite a ways out.

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