Let the Paint Flow

Day one of painting began yesterday with all four A-10’s getting their initial colors. This afternoon I picked up where I left off and delved further into painting. This is where they start to seperate from each other.  The A-10C is finished with paint and ready for decals. I will get them applied tomorrow and hopefully be finished by the weekend. 

The yellow outline of the lightning bolt on the 103rd was painted yeserday and masked off today. I painted the base color today and all that is left is one last color. This should be the second to be completed.

The Peanut scheme is one color away from being ready for decals. I can see it finishing along with the 103rd. The Snow Hog trails but not far behind. It received it’s second color today and still needs two more. I have to completely paint the European scheme before I can get the white on. If I can knock the other three out by this weekend, I foresee an early week finish. 


16 thoughts on “Let the Paint Flow

  1. Wow! What an amazing blog and amazing work you do here! Last spring we were in San Diego and stopped to tour the USS Midway — it had a number of planes on display as well as docents who talked about how the planes took off from the ship etc. Very interesting to see planes with their wings folded up and to realize the “slingshot” effect of how they took off.
    So glad you flew by and liked my poem…..hope you’ll stop by again and meander through and find something else to your liking! 🙂
    Have a wonderful day…..so nice to meet you this morning over my morning coffee!

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