Shifting Build Sets

That time has come yet again where I am handcuffed with my work on the A-10’s. I added the rest of the little pieces to all four aircraft and gave them a spray of primer to see if there are any imperfections to fix. If all goes well, I can prepare for final paint.

With the downtime on the A-10’s, I went ahead and started the initial phases of the next six builds. As you can see, I have removed the parts from the sprues and alligator clipped them for painting. This is one of the first steps in my routine before they turn into the parts forest. As the A-10’s start to get finished, I will transition their work boards to the new builds. This will probably be it until I officially start them. I may mask off the canopies if I run into another lull but I expect to keep busy between final paint and final assembly. 


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