We Have Wings

All the little work here and there is starting to present results. The most noticeable progress that you can see are the wings being attached. They were affixed this afternoon when I got home from work. I will let them sit overnight so the glue can cure before I add any filler to the wing roots. 

Other notable work that has been done are all the engine nacelles being completed and ready for installation. I will wait until the wings are finished before I put them on so they don’t get in the way of sanding. The noses were also affixed today on the “C”, “103rd”, and “Snow Hog”. They will need some touching up but for the most part they look pretty decent. More forward movement includes all four Pave Pennys installed and 100% of the ordinance completed. I located the last few bombs and also noticed I was short two Maverick missiles. I finished painting them yesterday and sorted the melee of weapons to each individual aircraft’s load-out.

So there really isn’t a great deal of building left to go. The main work in the fuselage seams is behind me and I can breathe a little better knowing that the hardest parts are out of the way. 




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