Independence Day Building

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Holidays are fun and often lead to my best work. I don’t know what would be different from any other day, but here we are with progress at hand. First I will start with the engine nacelles. The gaps were filled yesterday and I proceeded to sand them this morning. As they sit, the Academy kit’s nacelles are the only ones that need continued work. One more round of filler should do it.

The four fuselage’s have had all the real work done. The chins have really been the main focus. All seams have been sanded and primer has finally been added to the mix. I feel a great accomplishment getting to this step. Added to that relief are the wings being almost finished as well. I sanded them down yesterday and hit them with primer today. I don’t normally worry about priming wings but the wheel wells have a decent seam that need to be addressed. All in all it has been a great day. And the best is yet to come with the cookout and fireworks tonight. 


3 thoughts on “Independence Day Building

  1. Thank you for liking “Flowers at the Farmers Market, 2010.” I enjoy seeing how you put these model airplanes together. Thanks for sharing the process. I hope you have a great Fourth of July celebration tonight. 🙂

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