A-10 Progress

Progress is being measured in inches with the A-10’s. The chins are a little farther along today with the initial sanding and filling completed. It will take a few more rounds to fully be able to move past this issue. The top of the noses will be added to my list to address tomorrow. After I get that shored up I can get a coat of primer on to assess my work.

The four pairs of engine nacelles were sanded and primed this afternoon with encouraging results. There are a few areas that will need some filler but I will consider it a success so far. Another win today was the LAU-10 rocket pods which I built, sanded, and primed last night. I picked up where I left off with the green light to proceed to paint. So now the ordinance is 90% finished along with the landing gear being completed. With all the little aspects out of the way, I should have plenty of time to focus on the aircraft themselves. 


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