Patience is Most Certainly a Virtue.

If my past A-10 builds have taught me anything, it’s that the cockpit installation is a crucial moment in the process. Actually its the lower panel that is the key ingrediant. The cockpit is attached to the nose gear bay which is then attached to the lower panel. The fit is the same between the Academy, Hobby Boss, and Hasegawa kits. I am uncertain why this is my kryptonite step, but every A-10 kit I build tells the same story. The one thing that I have learned is to take my time and not rush it. 

I started work on the four fuselages this afternoon and quickly came to realize two important facts. One is to affix the cockpit onto the port side half of the fuselage. It has a much better fit on that side and is easier to position. The second lesson is to stop after doing that step. I started with the 103rd kit and experienced a good degree of difficulties in trying to align each side at the same time. So I will let the glue cure and attack the starboard side of the fuselage tonight or tomorrow. The Hobby Boss kit’s fuselage is one piece so the cockpit slides up from underneath. This one might pull away from the pack with less sanding and filling to do. Another small accomplishment today was the wings getting assembled. All four now have their wings together and are all ready to sand the seams. I’m starting to transition into the meat of the build now which is my favorite part.  


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