Positive Distractions

There is not a lot of model building going on around the cabin this week and it kind of feels okay. It’s been nice to scale back and not be full-force for once. I have still been able to make progress in the short amount of time spent building which is probably why I feel accomplished. As you can see, I have almost achieved my goal for the week with the cockpits finished and ready for installation. The plethora of ordinance is 99% complete with just a few details to replicate. After the cockpits are in and the fuselage halves are affixed, I will begin all the sanding. 


4 thoughts on “Positive Distractions

  1. I apologize if you have answered this in another post (I just started following you), but do you do other types of work? I’m fascinated that there are so many different types of scale models and was just wondering! I saw lots of amazing ship models (probably not called *models*!) at the Mystic Seaport museum in Connecticut years ago.

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