F-117A Nighthawk

I was a little too quick to ditch my search efforts of the desert scheme as I was provided valuable intelligence only a few hours after I committed to the traditional black. I will store that information for later use. There are a few more Nighthawks in my inventory to give it a try. 

Once I conquered my fuselage mistake, this build was a breeze. Final assembly took about twenty minutes to finish up with very little to affix. I went against my normal building practices and decided to close the canopy. I very loosely attached it just in case I changed my mind later on. The decals have a little silvering to them but they’ll have to do. I do have to say that while I was disappointed that I couldn’t replicate the desert scheme for this one, the black is certainly my favorite paint scheme for the F-117.  


20 thoughts on “F-117A Nighthawk

    • You’re absolutely correct. Black does this aircraft well.
      You know I have to feature both together. I photographed them together right after I was done shooting the F-117. They look good together.


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