Building as a Distraction

Last night saw much improvement to the F-117 and YF-17. I dutifully continued with sanding and filling while I watched the Chicago Blackhawks close out the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the Stanley Cup. To be honest, it was a nice distraction from the pit in my stomach from watching the super close series. The Blackhawks have been a fixture in my life for twenty-five years now and last night was the most anxious that I have ever been as a fan. If you watched the series then you know what I mean. 

While I am not completely out of the woods on both accounts, I made a good dent in the work needed to get there. The F-117 is fairly ready for paint. There are a few odds and ends to shore up first, but nothing major to create a delay. I need to affix the vertical stabilizers as well as get the weapons and gear bays painted and masked. As for the YF-17, more sanding will be needed. The port-side vertical stabilizer had a questionable fit so I have to get that looking right. After I get that corrected, paint will be my next step. 

The work on those two kits didn’t last the whole hockey game, so I began the upcoming A-10 builds. All parts have been clipped and are ready for initial painting. All ordinance has been built and sanded. They will get primed today and we’ll see how they look. The engine nacelles are another aspect that was started last night on all four kits. Little things were all I could get accomplished with all the excitement of last night. I am hoping for an assembly line type of build for these so I can keep them as close to each other as much as  possible.  


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