Lockheed Have Blue

For being just my second resin kit, Anigrands Have Blue kit was just as good as the first one. The whole kit consists of few parts and two decals. Aside from the four color paint scheme, this build was a breeze. Even all the masking involved wasn’t too labor intensive. 

Unlike the YF-17 that I am currently working on, the Have Blue almost put itself together. The instructions are not the greatest to follow but thanks to the internet, I made it through unscathed. The paint scheme required the most work out of the whole kit with plenty to mask and cut out. It was definitley worth it.  






30 thoughts on “Lockheed Have Blue

  1. I hadn’t realized how much like an F-117 this would be. I’ve seen some of the other stealth development projects at The Air Force Museum, but this has much more family resemblance than most of the others.

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