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With the YF-23 and YF-16 finished, the spotlight has finally started to shine on the YF-17 and F-117 builds. The Have Blue build is almost complete with one last session at the airbrush today. After it receives its final color, it will be inoperable for the day leaving plenty of time to spend on the neglected YF-17 and F-117.

The seam issues on the YF-17 have been corrected and the wings were affixed last night. The quality of the moulds have been an issue with this build. There have been a few patches of pitting and extra resin on the edges of some panels. The Have Blue was spotless so I don’t see a pattern going here with Anigrand. Maybe just some bad moulds. Not a big deal in any sense. Back to the progress, the wings fit well and i will sand the excess glue off  today and then attach the horizontal stabilizers. Depending on the fit of the horizontal stabilizers, I will try to get the vertical stabilizers affixed as well. It’s all paint prep after that. 

The F-117 has given me a little issue with the fuselage halves having a bad fit. Some of the edges don’t match up while some have gaps. I’m not too sure where I went wrong but the issue exists and needs to be fixed. I will begin  all the sanding while I watch the Blackhawks game tonight. After I can get the fuselage fixed, the rest of the build will be pretty simple.  


20 thoughts on “Back to Building

      • My wife and I don’t like the Chicago team. I am a Michigan native and still love our Red Wings in spite of elimination. My wife also wants Lightning to win.

        She is a native of California but dislikes all the big sports teams there and roots for the Detroit teams too.

        Nevada? No teams here at all thanks to what we see as politiking around Las Vegas.

        Cars have every team imaginable stuck on the bumpers, windows and wherever else.


      • I can respect that. I was so against the Red Wings moving to the Eastern conference because the rivalry will eventually cease. The Leafs/Hawks rivalry in the 90’s was fantastic until they moved to the east. Now it’s nonexistent. If the Hawks aren’t in the final I always root for the non-traditional market teams but I can’t do that this year. It’s looking like Las Vegas might get a team soon. They’ve been talking about it for a few years now.

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      • Yeah, I read about the possibility of Vegas teams but still no action. I think the east and west thing came up because of the costs involved, best guess.

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  1. Hello,

    First let me say that you are a true artist. You have a true talent to take some plastic and make them look so real. I am so impressed. Growing up, I made so many models of airplanes but none of them even remotely looked this good. I am jealous of your ability and thankful that you put it all out for show.

    On a selfish side, have you ever tried a C-130? I didn’t see any in your collection.


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    • Thank you! When I first started I was horrible at it but now that I am pretty far into it, I understand it better and it’s a little easier.
      I have done a C-130 in my earlier days and it was awful looking. It ended up falling and crashing so I ended up tossing it. I have another in my stash that I will eventually build when I have a bigger area to work on it.


      • Not sure which model you have, “J”, “H”, “E”, “K” or a special ops MC-130 or gunship AC-130. Would I be out of line if I asked that if you were willing to build a special C-130 in my former squadron’s colors, paint scheme and tail number and if you would be willing to donate it to be displayed proximately in the squadron display case? If so, I would like to offer several photographs to help guide you and I would like to pay for the materials and shipping costs to have it delivered.

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      • That would be great. I think the kit I have is the gunship. I will dig it out and check. It would probably be about a month or so before I could get to it. What type of C-130 do you need?


  2. I smile as I remember the F-117… my first assignment at a training base where we trained, among other things, aircraft mechanics (Crew Chiefs) for all of our aircraft in the inventory. A buddy of mine was their training squadron commander and I was their chaplain… we were in a formation (both of us were addressing the formation) when an F-117 flew over (it was coming in for the airshow)… okay, formation, break to look up! They all looked up with wonder to see the bird flying! Fast forward from 1991 to 1998 and my office was on the flightline in a hangar at Nellis AFB. I had to go through extra security when a 117 showed up for a special exhibition. I shared the hangar with the 117!

    We also had one on display at Heritage Park at Nellis by then… she had gone from highly classified to being a static display… time flies and so does the 117!

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