General Dynamics YF-16A Fighting Falcon

When I was a kid back in the eighties, I had a toy plane of the YF-16 that was one of my favorites. The tri-color paint scheme stands out so well and continues to maintain a classic look. The  build came out a lot better than I thought it would. My usual complaint of cockpit details remains firm, but the rest of the kit went well. The whole build was pretty straight forward with no complications. With these prototype builds, there aren’t too many pieces leading to quick results.

Painting this aircraft had me nervous with red and blue on top of white. I chose to paint the darker colors first and the white last. I’d rather touch up a darker color over white than white over dark. I am very pleased with the turnout. The masking worked well with only a few small areas that needed touching up.

Weathering was kept to a minimum. I wanted to leave a “cleaner” look without it appearing factory fresh. On the red and the blue, I weathered a little more than on the white. I think it came out with a good balance to it. The overall build was great and well worth my time. 



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