MQ-1 Predator

This was one of the easiest builds to ever grace my resume in the past five years. The first time this build presented itself to my workbench, I was green and inexperienced. This time I had a little more confidence in myself.

As I said before, construction took no time at all without a cockpit to assemble and detail. The fuselage goes together immediately and with a great fit, you’re ready to move on to paint. There were two tiny gaps that I filled at the leading edge of the wing root on both sides. They weren’t anything serious, just noteworthy.

The theme of “simple” carried over to the airbrush with a coat of light ghost gray. There isn’t any masking to perform when building a drone so it makes for a pain-free paint job. Decals were another excellent department to the Predator. The sheet gives you multiple options to choose from and they apply great. The release time was incredible. 

After I weathered it, I felt that it lacked as a static display. With an actual manned aircraft, there are lots of little aspects that catch the eye. With a UAV, they lack the cockpit or a massive array of weapons to keep your attention. My solution was to add a little more detail with Eduard’s PE “remove before flight” banners. I also painted a piece of masking tape red and cut strips for the propeller blade and stabilizer covers. It’s a subtle way to break up the grey and give the eye more to enjoy.  


8 thoughts on “MQ-1 Predator

  1. As always, I enjoy poking into your site to see your latest airplane. I am not a builder myself, I guess I lack your patience and experience. However, I do enjoy your projects and your well written comments.

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  2. Thanks for popping round and liking my blog. I’ve followed you to show my husband and son your blog. My husband follows a plane photography blog and has done some work with model planes before. They’ll love this xx Rowena


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