I Added Another One

The weekend came and went with my workbench going untouched. We spent a few hours at the Air Zoo yesterday to celebrate Memorial Day so there was no model building going on after that. I was hoping to have the P-38 painted by now but it seems that I have come down with a cold or something leaving me tired and useless. Instead of heading out to the garage to do a little painting, I sat in my chair and started another kit.

When I first came back to the hobby five years ago, my first kit was Accurate Miniatures MQ-1 Predator. It was a delightful welcome back with a smooth and pain free build. I chose to paint it all gloss white since I had zero airbrush skills at the time. As a matter of fact, I had no airbrush to even use. It didn’t take too long to finish and I was quite happy with my accomplishment. 

Fast forward to today and I find myself building the Predator again and this time will be in the ghost gray scheme. This build will also be the updated version with Hellfire missiles as the original release did not include them. The build itself is going much quicker than the first time. I spent a total of about forty-five minutes so far and the airframe is just about ready for paint. There was one tiny gap to be filled that will get sanded tonight. I should be able to get it painted along with the P-38 tomorrow. Drones are always pretty simple to build but this one acted along the lines of a Snap-Tite. Very impressive.


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