Morane Saulnier M.S.406

As the other half of Hasegawa’s “Battle of France” combo kit, the M.S.406 performed just as well as its roommate. This was a fun build without any issues to handcuff me. The build itself was great. The cockpit had good detail even though the canopy is closed. The fit was perfect except for the upper part of the nose. Once I filled that, the filler never made another appearance for this build.

For the paint scheme, Hasegawa provided two different camouflage schemes to choose from. They were both unique, non-traditional camouflage patterns. I went with the more difficult one and I am happy I did. I’m not sure what to call it, it’s kind of a tiger camouflage. My airbrush wasn’t in a bad mood during this kit so it came out how I wanted. The decals were from the same sheet as the 520 so they were fantastic.

I spent about an hour on final assembly yesterday after I finished up the 520. From start to finish, I enjoyed building the 406. It feels good to have some diversity on the shelf with two French airplanes.


11 thoughts on “Morane Saulnier M.S.406

  1. Another great plane from the Battle of France. Those early French aircraft don’t get much attention, probably because France fell so quickly. It’s still an interesting part of early ww2 history. One I think, is ignored too much. Loved the results you got here. The plane looks terrific!


  2. Thank you for liking “Seeking the Divine,” “Spring Tree Canopy,” and “Sunrises.” I enjoyed looking at this and some of your other vintage war planes. You did a great job of putting them together. 🙂


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