Winding Down

My workbench is moving along nicely without any delays. Painting continued yesterday and will be wrapped up this morning. I am in various stages with all eight kits which should lead to one being finished almost daily.

The Skyray and Alpha Jet are right at the edge of completion. The decals are on and weathering will proceed today. If the clear is dry by tonight, I may start final assembly on both kits.

The Typhoon and Defiant made it through final paint yesterday and will get the decals applied today. There aren’t many to put on so it shouldn’t take long. That will free up some time to get the canopies finished for final assembly. I will clear both builds in the morning so I can get them weathered.

The Harrier, M.S.406, and D.520 will have their final date with the airbrush today to finish them up. It will be decals tomorrow on all three builds. All parts are ready for final assembly on all three kits so they should be done quite soon.

Getting through the P-38 has been an easier than expected challenge. The nose has been fixed without much fight. That was the first pleasant surprise. The second was the fit of the tail sections. There are gaps that need to be filled but the overall fit was great. The tail section was the downfall to my last P-38 build. It was from Heller but I was still expecting the same result. Shame on me! So that’s where I am on the P-38. With seven other builds to feature before it, I have the luxury of slowing down and being exact with my efforts. I will get the tail sections and wings sanded down today so I can prime them and see where the filler is needed. Once I get past that, It will be time to start thinking about painting.





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