Painting Begins

Mother’s Day has passed and I almost stuck to my word of no building over the weekend. In my defense, my lovely wife gave me permission to do so while she took a nap so I think it was legal. The work that I did get done was masking the Alpha Jet, M.S.406, and D.520. The P-38 also  received a little attention. I have almost completed the nose section. It has a bad fit so far so I need to troubleshoot before I proceed.

With masking out of the way, I started painting this morning. Lucky for me the Alpha Jet, D.520, and M.S.406 all had the same base color of RAF Dark Ocean Grey. I will let them dry tonight and get started on the next respective colors to each airplane. The Defiant and Typhoon each had their bellies airbrushed with RAF Sky and Azure Blue. I will get them masked off tomorrow and start on the camouflage. The Skyray has fully caught up to the rest of the builds and had its underside painted with Flat White. More masking tomorrow and I wil get the final color of Flat Gull Gray applied. The Harrier’s tail has been rattle canned with Dark Blue. I will get that ready along with a little more sanding and get started with the paint tomorrow. 

I will be quite busy with paint the next few days. The P-38 should get a lot of attention while all the other builds dry. My hope is that I can get the nose finished and sanded tomorrow. I will work on sanding the tail sections tonight to get them out of the way. There isn’t too much more to accomplish before I can start thinking about paint. 





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