The Transition

Going from a box of parts to an actual airplane is a rewarding and sometimes grinding achievement. I can’t say that I enjoy the more difficult kits, but I can say that I appreciate the lessons they teach. One of the more important ones is never taking the easier builds for granted. I am currently faced with eight of those kits. All of my current builds have established an efficient flow to themselves. 

The P-38 is going well but due to the detail, I am lagging behind. Revell did a great job with this kit. I have the main fuselage together and I now need to do the weathering and detailing on the engines and the gun bay. It was very difficult to find a place to add the ballast. With the nose section opened up to expose the guns, I couldn’t put them in there like I normally would. I added as much as I could around the cockpit and my fingers are crossed. I will try to sneak a few in the nose cone and maybe some in the wheel well. I still have a few more days on the details before I can get the rest of the fuselage going.

The Skyray has been neglected until yesterday. I finished up all the pre-painting that needed to be done and I will begin on the cockpit today. The detail looks pretty good so I am excited to get moving along.

As for the Harrier, Typhoon, Defiant, Alpha Jet, M.S.406, and D.520, the fuselages have been affixed together and sanded. I spent a good amount of time yesterday knocking the seams down and smoothing them out. I added some filler to the D.520 this morning and primed the other five. I will let the primer dry and then see if I need to address anything else. 




7 thoughts on “The Transition

  1. wow! Brings back some memories – growing up, my cousin was building that type of airplanes… I loved going into his room – he had tons of them hanging down from the ceiling 🙂


  2. Silly question, ever built Helicopters for a change of pace? With the excellent plane/jet builds I can just imagine what you can do with helos. 🙂


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