Always Focused on Building

My main focus of the Su-22 has been addressed today and now sits awaiting its paint to cure. With that task checked off and to the side, I shifted to some major cockpit duty. The Skyray is the lone kit that went untouched this morning. I will, in fact, dedicate some time to it later today. There are a few parts that I overlooked delaying assembly a bit. The rest of the builds are closing in on their fuselages being joined. I applied decals on instrument panels and painted the ones that didn’t come with decals so I will let them sit the rest of the day and install them up tomorrow. Ejection seats, flight sticks, and other various pieces have already been affixed. I will have a busy morning of wedding fuselage halves together.

So with all that in limbo today, I thought I would start my research on my next A-10 build. This aspect of a build has become an integral aspect to my builds. I enjoy learning about what I am building and adding that knowledge to the kit itself. There are two A-10’s that I have in mind and looking through pictures today sparked a third. Two will be built for sure and the one that I researched today is from the 18th Tactical Fighter Squadron stationed at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. Upon receiving two A-10A’s in December of 1981, they soon painted one aircraft in an experimental arctic scheme for the upcoming exercise Operation Cool Snow Hog. The point of the exercise was to see if the A-10 could sustain the extremes of Alaska. Unfortunately for the paint scheme, it didn’t take. Fortunately for me, it was documented in text and pictures. I was able to get the basics of the markings and paint colors today. I am still researching what kind of ordinance it carried, if any, during its brief existence. There are no aftermarket decals for this version that I can find so I will have to rummage through my spares and most likely create a few. There is still plenty more research to be done before I commit to the build. Today was the perfect lull to work on a future build.


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