Reason to Celebrate

Two months and two days ago, I started the Su-22. Twelve kits have been completed in that time. I am very happy to say that construction is finished and I have received the green light for paint! It seems like I get one or two of these stubborn builds a year. The Su-22 frustrated me on a whole new level. The most frustrating aspect is that it is a good-looking kit. It’s actually a great kit. The fit is the major issue when building this kit. Every piece that is applied will need sanding and filling. Literally. The instructions are spotty too. But that is all behind me now. I am sure that the road of resistance is far from over. Painting should be simple and straight forward. The underside will get airbrushed today to start it off. My hopes are set on a Friday finish.

In my jolly new mood, I have insanely added two more kits to the docket bringing my total to eight. Nine if you include the Su-22. The newcomers are Revell’s 1/72 scale P-38L/M Lightning and Tamiya’s 1/72 scale F4D-1 Skyray. Both kits look great. The P-38 has some fine details to it. The gun bay and engine nacelles are opened up so there will be a lot to see with this one. The paint scheme is undecided for now. The Skyray looks pretty good out of the box. The cockpit has a great start with the details. I will add a few minor touches and that should do it.

Once again, I have an overflowing workbench. My main focus right now is to get the Su-22 up on the shelf. I have already begun cockpits and basic parts to the new builds. I will do a mass painting this afternoon and move on to assembling wing halves and whatever else that is able to be worked on. Needles to say, I will be busy.



8 thoughts on “Reason to Celebrate

  1. In my jolly new mood, I have insanely added two more kits to the docket bringing my total to eight.

    Insane indeed, but who am I to pass judgment…

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