A-10A Thunderbolt II

Of all the A-10 builds that I have done in the past, this one is by far my favorite. You can’t go wrong with the world-famous Flying Tigers squadron. The shark mouth is iconic and it suits the A-10 well. The kit itself came with a few challenges. From the way the chin assembled to the spinal seam continuing to separate, I kept busy staying on top of this one. The seam was mainly my own fault, I will admit. Everything else went normal.

I had a fun time building this one the way that I wanted to. The European camouflage scheme is by far my favorite and I was happy to utilize it on this build. With the paint scheme taken care of, my next point to address was ordinance. I think I did a good job of mixing it up and restraining myself from overloading the aircraft.

Well, I am satisfied with the end result. I think it came out pretty well. After building two A-10’s with this set of kits, I want to get another one or two more going. I can’t help it. The A-10 is my weakness. I’m thinking of a winter scheme for one of them. I will wait a few months so I can get some good research in.






16 thoughts on “A-10A Thunderbolt II

  1. Thank you for liking “Wildflowers” and “More Wildflowers.” I liked this post because I did an illustration of a World War II plane with a shark mouth similar to this one. I based the illustration on a photo, but it is great to see the plane in 3-D! 🙂


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