Progress Report II

My seven builds are continuing to advance at a satisfying pace. Even with the Su-22 providing a challenge, all seven are moving along nicely. As challenging as it may be, Mister Craft’s Su-22 is starting to turn itself around. The gaps along each side of the spinal hump have been filled and now I just need to find the time to take care of the sanding. The focus lately has been spent on the further advanced kits so it’s on the back-burner for now.

The furthest along of the seven is the PBY. This was a pretty basic but fun kit to assemble. I finished the paint yesterday and applied the decals this morning. Weathering will be done tomorrow morning with final assembly to follow.

The A-10’s have separated in their respective progressions. The A-10A experienced a crack in the spine seam when I affixed the engine nacelles. I filled the crack today and I will sand it later. After that is finished then I will move on to the first color of paint. The N/AW A-10 will be the second build to be completed. It was the lone kit at the airbrush this morning receiving its paint job of gunship grey. I will apply the decals tomorrow and it should be weathered and complete by Monday.

The Jake and Nell have flown up to par with their build mates and are on the cusp of being ready for final paint. The Jake has been sprayed with silver as a base. I will be using the salt technique to add to the weathering on both kits. The Nell will get the same base coat after the waist and vertical stabilizer stripes are finished. I shot them with a coat of white today and they will get masked off tomorrow after the white has dried.

The F-35 is still ready to be painted. I will try to get the first color on today so I can start the tedious masking process. I’m not in too big of a hurry with the F-35. The paint makes me want to take my time and get it correct. I will likely finish up the A-10’s, PBY, Nell, and Jake first and then really focus on finishing it up.












9 thoughts on “Progress Report II

  1. It’s a bit of a jam here to say the least. It’s really not that bad. I try to group them into steps. Cockpits, then fuselages, then wings and so on. My goal is to get something accomplished every day. That doesn’t always work out but I at least strive for that. I don’t think I will take on another seven at a time. It’s been so busy around here that I haven’t given much thought to what’s next. Any suggestions?

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