Progress Report

I scaled back on my time spent at the workbench this weekend to enjoy the Easter break with my family. The time was well spent and was a great time out to reflect on what happened so many years ago on the cross. My kids participated in a total of four egg hunts over the span of two days. The biggest being at my church where I helped hide over 500 eggs. Needless to say that we are stocked up on candy!

Even though most of my efforts were spent away from the workbench, I still managed a little time to move closer to completion. The biggest progressions were with the Jake and Nell. I pulled them right up to the others if not past them. The final small parts were affixed yesterday and I will work on masking and canopies today. I may get to the airbrush today but I’m betting on tomorrow for that.

The A-10’s are getting very close for the airbrush as well. I filled the wing roots yesterday and I will get them sanded today. Final construction is ready to proceed as soon as the wings are ready.

The F-35 is also ready to think about painting. I need to do a little final sanding and it should be good to go. The paint for the F-35 will take me a little effort to accomplish. I have to mix in a little silver with the gray to give it the correct sheen on both colors. Masking this kit will take a tremendous amount of time and patience too. I will post my progress on the painting as I go. There isn’t a lot of exact reference on how to achieve all this out there so I am ad-libbing a bit here.

The Su-22 is finally getting easier. The second wing was affixed over the weekend and I installed the spine last night. I am certainly still in the battle, but now I am starting to win the war. I need to do some surgical filling in some tight spaces and the wings still require some attention. After all that I should be pretty well set up.

Finally, the PBY needs its horizontal stabilizers and the clear parts installed before I can move on to paint. I am going to leave the wing/wings detached to make it easier to paint. This has been a pretty good kit so far.


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