Kfir C2

Building the Kfir was a nice distraction from all the drama supplied from its build mates. Now that it is finally complete, I can breathe a little easier as I start fresh on my new builds. The past month and a half felt like I had to fight for every inch of progress. Hopefully I can piggyback on the Kfir’s success and transfer it to the A-10’s, Su-22, and F-35.

Hasegawa’s Kfir was a delightful kit. There was an annoying amount of flashing to remove at the start but all was well after that was addressed. Well fitting pieces and very little filler highlight this build. The cockpit isn’t bad either. There could have been more detail but for being stock, it does the job.

The paint was the downfall of this build. The low temperatures here really handcuffed me. The IDF scheme has always been a favorite of mine. I think it turned out great and the weathering added a lot to it as well. The decals were impressive. After my last few builds only requiring a handful of decals, the Kfir felt very bountiful. It probably took about as much time as the last few put together.

The overall representation turned out well, I think. I am very happy and certainly relieved to be done. I will waste no time at all moving on.

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