Almost Finished 

I have finally moved forward with the Frogfoot and Kfir builds getting them to the airbrush. The Kfir needs one last round of pale green to be finished with paint. The Frogfoot is ready for decals. I will get those on today and start weathering tomorrow. The drama is almost over!

With a few of my work boards open, I transferred my new A-10 builds to them to get started with a little painting. I will get the ordinance, cockpit, and landing gear parts painted so I can get going on the building aspect.

My son and I are still plugging away on the Fokker. I would think it will be ready for him to paint by the weekend. I need to dig out some decals from my spares box to add a little more flare to it.

6 thoughts on “Almost Finished 

  1. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post. The models you build look great. You must have hours of fun with building them and making sure the details are accurate. Kindest Regards Cheryle


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