Traffic Jam

The workbench has steadily become a little crowded with ten kits in various stages. The six of them that need painted have taken a giant step in me beginning the process. The four new builds have been set aside so I can clear a little real estate to afford them a proper space to be built.

So I braved the cold with a good forty minute session at the airbrush on Thursday afternoon. The Kfir, Canuck, Ta-183, and both Me-328’s made it out to the garage with me. I left the Frogfoot behind so I can apply the dark tan at the same time as the Kfir. The Canuck turned out to be a flop with the flourescent red. It came out thin and pinkish. I let it dry and sprayed two coats of competition orange on it. I’m hoping the weathering will tone it down a bit.

The Kfir saw it’s belly painted with duck egg blue. I will mask it off today and hopefully keep moving on with the dark tan. The Me-328’s also had their bellies painted. They are both masked and ready for the top coat. The Ta-183 received its overall color and all that is left is the mottling. I will be using the same color as with the Me-328’s so I can get them all done at once.

The Frogfoot will be added to the mix on the next session to get the second of its three colors. Not too much longer to go. I will get the decals on the Canuck tonight and hopefully get it weathered by the start of the week.

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