Backed Up

My procrastination has become quite an issue lately. It hasn’t warmed up here and the builds are starting to back up. I will bite the bullet and brave the cold to get started on finishing them all.
The Canuck has passed inspection and is ready to go. To avoid another catastrophe, I drilled a hole into the landing gear bay and inserted a dowel rod to hold the airplane. The previous setup with the dowel rod in the exhaust can scared me so I had to secure it a little better.
The Frogfoot is the furthest along with it’s belly already painted. I used a Flat White rattle can last night to get it started. I will get the aircraft masked off tonight so it will be all ready when I finally get to the airbrush.
The Kfir is just collecting dust for now. I drilled a hole in the landing gear bay on this one as well. There was no place to hold the Kfir while I painted it so the drill was the perfect option.
The Me-328’s and the Ta-183 have caught up and are ready for paint. The wings and horizontal stabilizers were put on yesterday. All three had decent size gaps at the wing roots that needed some work. I filled them last night and cleaned them up today. I shot some primer on this afternoon and all looks well. I will get the canopies glued on tonight so the planes will be ready to be painted.
All in all, I have six kits to get painted this week. The Me-328’s and the Canuck are pretty straight forward paint jobs which will be fairly simple. The Ta-183 will have mottled camouflage which won’t be difficult but will take more time at the cold airbrush. The Frogfoot and the Kfir will take the most time with two and three color camouflage schemes. Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me.


13 thoughts on “Backed Up

  1. My garage gets cold but it’s still pretty temperate here in Oregon. I sometime turn on a electric heater but I find the light from a couple of 1000 watt halogen lights really get the place warm after awhile.

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  2. Thanks for your recent like on my Watching Airplanes post. I like your blog, and even though I don’t have this hobby, I am thankful for those of you who do. Our youngest son loves planes (and trains); so, I will be sure to show him your builds. What a great hobby. 😉


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